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Myanmar-Bangladesh’s Relations Through the lens of Strategic Advantages

Parvej Siddique Bhuiyan

Powershift in Myanmar and the subsequent polarization among the major powers triggered a new geopolitical flashpoint in Bangladesh’s strategic backyard, which the latter cannot afford to reluctantly ignore. It seems that the US and other western countries are taking a heavy-handed approach while other big powers, such as Russia, China, India, and Japan, have started explicitly (or covertly) normalizing their relations with the Tatmadaw (Myanmar military). Myanmar always gets priority in Bangladesh’s economic and security strategy. Although democratic Bangladesh has a moral dilemma in supporting the military government, it has yet to formally condemn the military coup or demand Aung San Su Kyi's re...

Life is a series of ups and down

Md Habibur Rahman

“Life is some span of time.”

Sometimes it gives something

Sometimes it offers nothing.

Sometimes it provides messages for the future.

Sometimes it reminds us of old letters.

Sometimes it heals you.


Why Myanmar Should Hold ‘Friendship and Neighborhood approach to Bangladesh’?

Fumiko Yamada

Bangladesh and Myanmar share a land boundary of 271 kilometres. Prior to their establishment as contemporary nation-states, both countries had a long history of exchanging political, cultural, and economic concerns. They also share a common history of British colonialism. The relationship between these two countries is based on demography rather than geography. Since Bangladesh's 1971 independence from West Pakistan, the two countries have had "cordial" relations. One of the first countries to acknowledge Bangladesh was Myanmar. However, due to the Rohingya crisis and border disturbances, Bangladesh-M...

An Unobstructed Letter To Myanmar’s Policymakers From Bangladesh

Jubeda Chowdhury

Bangladeshi citizens want friendly relations between Bangladesh and Myanmar with a neighbourly spirit. Because you are our immediate neighbours, Thus, you should strengthen bilateral ties with Bangladesh by resolving bilateral problems such as the Rohingya crisis. Myanmar and Bangladesh should bolster their ties with a neighbourly spirit for various reasons. Currently, the strained Myanmar-Bangladesh relations need to smooth. January 13, 2022, marked 50 years of bilateral ties between Myanmar and Bangladesh. Myanmar recognized Bangladesh as a sovereign state on January 13, 1972. However, there were no seminars, discussions, statements, reciprocation, or felicitations between the two neighbours to mark the s...

Playgrounds generate physical and mental blossoming in children

Md Atikur Rahman

Everyone is safe in a city where a child is safe, including women, men, the elderly, and the disabled. However, children cannot walk safely in Dhaka. They do not have enough parks and playgrounds for sports. All the parks and gardens do not have any infrastructure for children and adolescents aged 5-10 years. The children of Dhaka city are deprived of the opportunity for sports; they are being deprived of physical exercise and socialization. As a result, th...

Student politics serves as a beacon for future leaders

MD Habibur Rahman Robin

Student politics emerged in Bengal during the early nineteenth century, adding a new dimension to the state's political landscape. Students' politics took on an institutional shape in the early part of the twentieth century with the rise of the revolutionary terrorist movement, followed by the Swadeshi movement, and finally the non-cooperation movement.