Qatar Charity provides water in Bangladesh

Qatar Charity (QC) has reached out to Bangladesh which is caught in the grip of a drought.

QC started a project in Nouga, which has suffered a shortage of drinking and irrigation water and other basic services, resulting from a drought in the region.

The project is wide-ranging in the facilities it is offering. It comprises 12 water units with networks for the people and lands, a health centre with outpatient clinics, inpatient beds and laboratories and a school for children, at a cost of over QAR2m.

People collect water at a refugee camp for Muslims displaced by violence earlier this year outside SittweThe intention is to help over 18,000 people and 20,000 patients a year, who are treated at the centre.

The project is automated with local committees trained to operate machines, while beneficiaries pay monthly subscriptions to cover operation and maintenance expenses. Over 1,200 farms are benefiting from the water grids.

One of the most arid areas, all water sources in Nouga suffer significantly during drought or are polluted for six months, resulting in a shortage of clean drinking and irrigation water. While the polluted water carries water-borne diseases, the dire circumstances result in people unable to farm which impacts on the food supply and leads to financial ruin.

The government has established Drought Areas Water Department to fight drought and help people gain access to clean water.

QC has set up centres to provide services for target families in addition to developing projects such as Khubayb Ibn Adiy Centre for orphans, their families and the neighbourhood. This centre comprises an orphanage, a school (Grades 1 to 10), a health centre, a vocational training centre, farm lands, homes for employees, playgrounds, and a mosque, The Peninsula reports.

It also provides shelter for 400 orphans, 40 employees and workers and their families and around 400 students attend the school, for which a comprehensive curriculum has been designed. The centre’s health unit treats students, orphans, employees, their families and the general community, while staff visit nearby villages to spread health awareness and treat the sick.

The centre also offers seasonal projects such as Iftar banquets, zakat and udhiyya. The training centre teaches women sewing, tapestry and handcrafts.

The centre supervises QC’s projects, including mosques, complexes and income-generating initiatives, in Rangpur District.