4:34 pm - Wednesday October 18, 4626

Robi-Yonder digital music entertainment

The music industry of Bangladesh has turned a new page today with the launch of Robi Yonder Music Service for smartphones. Robi’s partnership with New York (USA) based Yonder Music inc., delivers a powerful new total-music experience that combines exclusive content from superstar local artists, and with the rich libraries of local labels, along with a comprehensive collection of international Major Label and Independent music.

The Robi Yonder Music Service is free to users; no application charges, no subscription fees and no per-track download charges apply. All Robi Yonder Music app users need is an active 1Robi data plan on their mobile phones to access a vast library of digital music (and invitations to offline events) on any data network, even on Wi-Fi.

The Robi Yonder Music service respects and celebrates the Intellectual Property Rights of artists and composers, who are paid in direct proportion to the number of times their content is played on the app.

The highlight of the launch event is a live performance of the Robi Yonder Music Launch Song Bojre, produced by Arnob, and performed by a Robi Yonder All-Star line-up that includes Habib, Arnob, Bappa, Kona, Elita, Chirkutt, Nemesis, Balam, Hridoy Khan and many others.

Bojre is a rendition of a classic verse from Tagore’s Gitanjali named “Bojre Tomar Baje Bashi”.  The recording and video of Bojre, which will be released today, feature the All-stars and many leading Bangladeshi folk artists to express the harmony, unity, and cultural richness of Bangladeshi music.

The release of Bojre will be followed over the next year by exclusive releases from the All-stars listed above, starting with a collaboration between Chirkut and 24-Horas, a leading US based Bachata-pop group, as well as albums and singles by many of the Robi Yonder All-Stars some in collaboration with international artists.

With the Robi Yonder Music app, tracks are cached on the users’ smartphones as they play so that they are all available to be heard even when a user is offline. Users only need to visit the iOS Store or Android PlayStore to install the app. Once the user registers via email address or Facebook, they can start streaming songs. Robi Yonder Music is one giant step towards eliminating online music piracy by providing legal access to a vast music library.

Speaking on the occasion, Adam Kidron, Chief Executive Officer of Yonder Music Inc said that, “Yonder has partnered with Robi in Bangladesh to provide a legal alternative to music piracy that enriches local artists and record labels, while providing Robi’s customers with the best music experience imaginable as a part of its mobile broadband plans.  I am especially excited about the new music we are creating with these artists and through collaborations between these local superstars and leading international artists”.

Hailing the launch of the Robi-Yonder Music service as the biggest event of the Bangladeshi music industry in recent years, Robi’s Managing Director and CEO Supun Weerasinghe said: “As a leading digital service provider, we are indeed proud to launch the Robi-Yonder Music service, the largest collection of local and international music content free of charge to Robi subscribers. We are confident that with the continued support from the leading local music artists and global music labels, this platform will enrich the lives of the millions of music lovers in Bangladesh.”

The Robi Yonder Music launch ceremony was attended by: Robi’s Executive Vice President (EVP) Business Operations, Jean-Michel Arnaud Chanut; Vice President, Value Added Service & M-Technologies and Solutions, Viranga Seneviratne; General Manager, Value Added Services, Mahmood Hassan Faisal; Manager, Value Added Service Jacklin Elizabeth Mazumder and Yonder Music’s President (Asia), Aditya Summanwar; Country Manager for Bangladesh, Imrul Karim; and Project Manager Ashan Gunatilaka .