Symphony provides handsets for underprivileged slum girls

Recently the number one handset brand Symphony Mobile signed a MOU with ‘TERRE DES ITALIA’ (TDH) Italia. Under the MOU Symphony mobile handed over 200 Feature Phones & 20 Smartphones to the officials of TDH Italia.

Those mobile phones will be distributed by TDH Italia among the underprivileged slum girls at pr-pic_mouCapital’s Baunia Badh slam area, Palllabi. Those girls are members of a project by TDH Italia. The MOU signed at Edison Group’s Head office.

From Edison Group Managing Director, Mr. Jakaria Shahid & Director of Marketing Mr. Ashraful Haque and from TDH Italia’s, Country Representative, Iole Valentina Lucchese & Project Manager, Silvia Rovelli were present at the MOU signing ceremony.


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