IPL 15th edition coming up today

The 15th edition of the IPL will be held in India (IPL 2022). The Indian Premier League (IPL) now boasts a total of ten teams. As outlined in the new regulations, the 10 teams are separated into two “virtual” groups. This time around, the regulations for playing two matches versus each side have been altered.

Any franchise must compete in two matches against a total of five teams. A single match will be played between two teams and four teams. On the other hand, there is no distinct scoring list for the two groups. There is a list of points for each category. The top four teams at the end of the group stage games will go to the postseason tournament.

The first qualification will include the top two teams in the standings. The victorious team will go directly to the championship game. The third and fourth-place teams, on the other hand, will compete in the ‘Eliminator’ round. The victorious team in the eliminator will advance to the second qualifier, where they will face the losing team from the first qualifier. The team that wins the match advances to the championship game.