Valiant Freedom Fighter AK Chowdhury passes away

A. K. Chowdhury FCA, a valiant Freedom Fighter and Adviser to the Interim Mujib Nagar Government 1971, Founder Council Member & Past President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) and Managing Partner of Hoda Vasi Chowdhury & Co. breathed his last on Saturday, 12 May 2018 at Apollo Hospital, Dhaka (Innalillahe …. Rajeun). He was 78.

Abul Khair ChowdhuryHe served the Government in exile in Mujib Nagar in 1971 (April-December) as a lone Financial Advisor from the Private-Sector. He served in different capacities of Bangladesh Government and the Financial Institutes which included among others, Co-founder & founder Vice President of Chittagong Stock Exchange – CSE in 1995-2000, and Ex-Officio Member of Security & Exchange Commission-SEC Advisory Board in 2000, one of honorary member of NBR’s Advisory Committee in Chittagong during 1973-97.

Famous for social work, Mr. Chowdhury was a Rotarian, permanent Member of Chittagong Club, Life Member of Diabetic Association (Feni & Chittagong), Kidney Foundation, Cancer Foundation and Bangladesh National Society for the Blind (BNSB) of Chittagong left behind his wife, one son, one daughter and a host of relatives, friends and a fleet of professional students to mourn his death. His Namaje Janaja was held at Gulshan-2 Society Mosque. He will be buried at his village home Gutuma, Feni.