Amirul rewarded for biotechnology inventions

Campus Report

A Bangladeshi young researcher Dr Md. Amirul Islam shows the new hope of light to mitigate the shortage of food and food security. By inventing the new genetic of food and biotechnology, the researcher wants to lead the world through his new invention.

Currently Dr Amirul Islam has been working as a research fellow at the University dé Sherbrooke, Quebec in Canada for last 2 years with the arena of Biosensors and Bioelectronics, where he is working to develop a novel semiconductor based photonic biosensor for detecting pathogenic microbes in water environment and store foods.

Consequently, Dr Amirul is intending to join a Biosensor Conference will be held in Miami, Florida of United States of America (USA) by July 2020. He was awarded as one of the top ten young scientists in Young Biotechnologist Congress–2020 held on 20th February at Nabab Nawab Ali Chowdhury Senate Building of the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Network of Young Biotechnologists of Bangladesh (NYBB) organized the event for the 5th time to create a scope of networking among young Biotechnologists and engage them in biotech related activities outside of structured curriculum. In this congress, the 10 most successful Bangladeshi active biotechnology researchers/scientists under the age of below 40 years have been awarded based on their research achievements. In the congress, Dr Islam secured 1st position among the awarded scientists due to his outstanding research achievements.

Earlier, Amirul Islam has completed his PhD Degree from Bioprocess Engineering Faculty of Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia by 2015. Dr Aminul published 30 more journal articles related to several issues of Bangladesh, Malaysia and Canada in several reputed international paper reviewed journals and publishers.

Besides, he obtained 10 more prestigious international awards due to several promising innovations and also participated 11 more international conferences and seminars. Dr Aminul successfully completed his Secondary and Higher Secondary Certificate Examinations from Gunabati High School and Gunabati Degree College in Chauddagram of Comilla, respectively. Then, he enrolled to the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet under the Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology and successfully accomplished both of his Undergraduate and Master’s Degree from there.

Dr Aminul is the 2nd son of late Abdul Quddus and his uncle Ali Hossain Pondith, former Chairman of the governing body of Gunabati Degree College who is renowned for his social activates. He is also the nephew of Md. Mofizur Rahman, is serving as the Director of Eastern Cables Ltd, Bangladesh.