Chirkutt gives bangla music latin twist

Music has an eternal appeal to humanity. Its essence binds the human race in harmony by spreading the word of love and hope. Hence, music transcends cultures, languages and customs. However, such universal appeal to music is established by only a few visionary musicians.

The popular bangla fusion band Chirkutt is one such band who set out to enrich the rich tapestry of bangla music by collaborating for the first time with the famous latin- American 1band 24 Horas. Coming together of the bangla fusion music with the bachata music from the Dominican Republic was orchestrated by Robi-Yonder Music app. With this initiative Robi-Yonder music is paving the way for Bangladeshi musicians to take their talents to the world stage.

Delivering on its commitment to take bangla music to international level, the popular music app of the country brought together two greats of the rich genres of music. The result is the uniquely flavoured song “Ontore Bahire” which was released on Robi-Yonder Music app during the Eid-ul-Fitr.

The music video of this song was released at a press conference today held at the Robi Corporate Office. Chirkutt also played the unplugged version of the song at the event. A recorded message from the 24 Horas was also shared at the programme.

Sharing Chirkutt’s experience of working with 24 Horas, the band’s lyricist and vocal Sharmin Sultana Sumi said that initially, there were certain gaps in understanding on both Chirkutt and 24 Horas’s part about each other’s music. Later on, both of them worked on it by introducing their genres to each other which helped to develop mutual respect for each other’s genre of music.

Sumi went on to say that based on a common understanding she came up with the lyrics for the “Ontore Bahire” song within 15 minutes and gave it twist of bachata (The Latin-American form of music that originated from Dominican Republic). 24 Horas loved it and following our recording they joined in to put their mark on the song with their unique bachata music. It was an unbelievable experience, she remarked.

She thanked Robi-Yonder for facilitating the collaboration. Commenting on the shooting video she remarked that they had only one day to shoot the video in New York. This was the first ever collaboration between bangla and latin band, she added.


A proud Bangladeshi band through and through, Chirkutt has gloriously exploded beyond the nation’s borders and reached the distant shores across the oceans. Chirkutt is the first and the only band to have performed at the reputed South by Southwest (SXSW) 2016 Music Festival at its 30th session among 2100 bands of the world. Very recently the band has won “The best Original Sound Track” award in SAARC film festival.

Chirkutt is a band of veteran musicians, having been around since 2002. Over the last three years, they properly carved out a name for themselves in the hearts of music lovers of Bangladesh with their energetic live performances and powerful lyrics. With eclectic compositions that defies musical genres, Chirkutt’s has come to be described as an ‘Epic Fusion’ band, one that has brought radical changes to the modern music industry.

The band won the RTV Best Band Award in 2012. They completed their tour of Norway with Norwegian rockers Casa Murilo in late 2013, and it continues to remain one of the most cherished experiences of the band.

Chirkutt has had the rare honour of performing at the prestigious Indian President House Concert in 2014. They have also performed at various international festivals, such as the South Asian Band Festival (Delhi, India), the North Bengal Festival (Siliguri, India), the Agartala Concert (India). On their first grand tour of the United States of America, they performed at UT Dallas, York College, New York and various other venues.

Most recently, they have completed their second tour of the USA, where they performed at various events, most notably at the International Day and the Russian House Stages of SXSW 2016, Austin, Texas, as well as various other shows at Florida, New York and Atlanta. They also participated in the production of a unique Bangla-Spanish collaborative project with Grammy Award-winning producer Johan Alcover.

Chirkutt is comprised of Pavel (Drums, Percussion & Sound producer), Emon (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin & Ukulele) Sumi (Vocals & Lyrics), Pintu (Vocals, Violin & Flute), Didar (Bass) and Nirab (Keyboards/Synthesizers).

Till date, Chirkutt has released two albums, ‘Chirkuttnama’ and ‘Jadur Shohor’. Chirkutt’s second album “Jadur Shohor” (“The City of Magic”) has already stolen the hearts of thousands of music lovers within weeks after its release, and the title song “Jadur Shohor” has become a bona fide hit. Their debut album “Chirkuttnama” was released in October 2010.


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