Five UCA students join Regent Airways

The students of science and management of united college of Aviation have joined Regent Airways. They are working along with their study to pass the fitness of test of viva and written examination with a commitments to win the world to develop in the highest talent. By joining the Airlines, wide enthusiasm and happiness are seen among the students.

Regent-pic-newAt the time of talking with the working learners, Mehdi Hasan, one of the learners said that his childhood dream was to build plane, I am going in that who by seen everyday’s flying from airport run way from morning and through working in plane in reality it seem to me that dream turning into reality today.

Airplane engineer aeronautical Engineer train engineer who is trained expert in the technology of engineering and plane beside he properly completed all activities related to Aviation management diploma degree.

At present all employees enjoy all facilities of rank, salary who are engage with local foreign Air line. Aeronautical Engineer and Aviation management profession in the light of important and demand of airlines industries in Bangladesh and by creating workers of different profession as engineer in the sector. Science and management of united college Aviation has been playing important role from its establishment all servicemen of this airlines are respected as the talented person in the family, society related and friends.