Raagi to hit overseas market

Starring Abir-Achol the movie will be released soon

Bangladeshi film ‘Raagi’ Directed by Mizanur Rahman Mizan and starring Abir-Achal duo is going to make a highest record in the field of export. The film ‘Raagi’ one of the action comedy film was produced by Jakiya Jaya under the banner of Ashtha Katha Chitra. However, The Tan Tan Films Co.,Ltd is the international distributor of this film.

Castings of this films were various renowned actors such as, Star Famous Artist Moon Moon, Shatabdi Wadud, Shakil, Marup Aquib and Moumita Starred. A Chinese company has expressed (International Film Procurement office in Singapore) interest in buying the rights of Movie Raagi for online platform by pay off USD 200,000.00. The company has approximately 10 million over subscribers in the asia regional including China. They release motions picture films just like Netflix and other streaming platforms. There are many pictures in their online portal. Subscribers can view these pictures whenever they want.

However, the talks between Mr. Abir and Abroad Corporate company are moving forwards for this business in this pandemic time. Since the film is made by Bangla, it has to be subtitled in English – this is the condition from Corporate Client. Mr. Abir, the attractive protagonist of the film, said that the matter has been finalized before the Covid-19 Pandemic Started. The Agreement could not be signed due to the sudden arrival of Corona Crisis. As soon as Corona Crisis over, he will move on to the deal. “Once the final agreement is signed, it can be said for sure that this Film of mine will be the first historical foreign currency earned may be ,” he said.

Note that if the Film is ready, the Chinese company is now pushing for all the work to be done online. He confirm that the music director of the film Shawkat Ali Emon has said that he will be able to complete the background music work of the film in the next ten days. The color grading of the Film will be in India. This means that there is still some work to be done on the film. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Abir is an established businessman. He has all the trade with overseas markets. If he wants, he can create a potential market for Bangladeshi films in abroad by exporting not only “Raagi” but also other films. Motion Pictures of Indians, especially Mumbai, were released simultaneously all over the world, including India.Mumbai films make a lot of money from abroad. Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have big markets around the world. The international movie audience knows these two stars very well. Mr. Abir can take the same goal like the success Indian movie stars. The stars of this country have to be highlighted in the mass media of overseas market.

Therefore, before releasing the picture, the concerned artists have to be introduced to the international audience. Which is what the Indian media does. Mr. Abir also may to take that initiative in the interest of “Raagi”. Out of the current shrinking market of this country, finding an overseas market will be beneficial for the film industry of Bangladesh

Original article was written in Bangla by Imrul Shahed. Ahmed Tepantor translated in English.